Drupal Global Contribution Weekend

Vancouver 2022

Getting Set-up

Please have these steps' setup before the contribution weekend!

1. Create an account on Drupal.org

2. Join the conversation Drupal's Slack groups

Add Drupal Slack and Van DUG groups.

Join the #contribute slack channels.

3. Choose your own adventure:

Local Development Environment: DDEV
  1. Install git
  2. Install DDEV

  3. Create a local Drupal website: Clone Drupal 9 with git:

    mkdir ~/Sites/d9
    cd ~/Sites/d9
    git clone https://git.drupalcode.org/project/drupal.git web
    ddev config
  4. Install Drupal and you're ready to patch!

    From within the project directory

    ddev drush si standard
Cloud Development Environment: DrupalPod
This is great if you don't want to touch your machine(or can't) yet still want to code. DrupalPod
Existing Development Environment: DYI

You already have your setup, great! Carry on...

Have a peak at the Drupal requirements to tweak your setup.

There are plenty more local development environments to choose from in the guide: Local server setup.

No Development Environment
There are plenty of ways to contribute without setting up a development environment, from simplytest.me, editing documentation and helping triage and move issues, to editing files directly in Gitlab on drupal.org.

During the day

Work with a group on porting and testing a contributed module to Drupal 9 or 10


Take a look at the Contributor tasks. Work with another contributor to find a task.

Depending on interest/audience, we will gladly show offer to do a demo/training session. And breakout rooms if need be, for example, to tackle feeds issues or basic issues.




Additional tooling-up


Global Contribution Weekend Event Info